Friday, 13 February 2015

A Few Words...

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my Blog.

First off, let me tell you how deeply honoured I am to have you reading these words. I hope you will stick around awhile longer. 

Secondly, here are a few things about my Blog. Most of my posts will focus on books; upcoming releases, novels from the Archives, bestsellers and lesser known works. I would love to feature author interviews as well as reviews, but that's still down the road.

I'll also be sharing some of my favourite music with you. Hopefully there'll be something for everyone.

Finally, I want to point out that although I read predominantly fantasy fiction, I won't be limiting my reviews to just that. If I've finished a novel and liked it, chances are you'll 'hear' about it. 

Thank you for your patience. I hope you'll find my reviews helpful, enjoyable, and maybe a little funny.

Good day.

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